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Reproduction Wednesday, 08 April 2015

ConceptPlus sire fertility leads the way for accuracy and reliability

High, low, or accurate…what do you prefer when it comes to a sire fertility evaluation? High or low are just a guess without an accurate evaluation. That need for accuracy is where Alta’s ConceptPlus sire fertility evaluation comes into play.

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Dairy Genetics Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Progress is the name of the game with G-Stars & FutureStars

We’re springing forward with some our most exciting new genomic-proven sires to date. We’ve added 20 new bulls to our ever-improving G-Star sire list, and 21 new sires have now received enough daughter information to earn the coveted high fertility ConceptPlus designation and proven low calving ease to graduate to the FutureStar sire list.

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