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News Friday, 04 April 2014

Advance your herd at the speed of genomics

Five years into the genomic era, accuracy and reliability of genomic proofs is the best it’s ever been! You can certainly use top genomic sires with confidence to maximize genetic progress in the direction of your goals on your dairy.

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News Wednesday, 02 April 2014

Our greatest new daughter-proven sires

April proofs continue to build upon the excitement of the genomic era! Seven new additions to the top of our daughter-proven lineup are all sires we previously marketed and promoted with confidence as high genomic G-Stars or FutureStars!

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Reproductive performance challenge: B vitamins to the rescue

Although milk production has almost doubled during the last 50 years, conception rate did not improve and stayed low. The average conception rate in North America is at 39 percent with pregnancy rate being as low as 15 percent. Reproduction problems represent 18 percent of the culling rate and are stated to be the main reasons for involuntary culling in dairy herds.

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