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Genetics Thursday, 18 December 2014
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Alta offers high genetic sires for robotic milking systems

Is a robot your method for milking cows? If so, be sure to browse our highest ranking sires suited for robotic milking systems here.

Genetics Wednesday, 03 December 2014

G-Stars & FutureStars for maximum progress

Be of good cheer - this holiday proof round brings 16 new G-Star sires and 12 new FutureStars to our ever-improving genomic-proven lists.

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Genetics Tuesday, 02 December 2014

The genetic base is updated

In conjunction with December 2014 proofs, the genetic base is also updated for every breed. In the US, the genetic base is adjusted about once every five years to ensure a sire’s proof is always compared to the most accurate and relevant reference population.

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2014 Sire Review 17 November 2014 Dairy Genetics

More Alta News

More Alta News

Regancrest AltaIOTA achieves millionaire status

Alta Genetics is proud to announce 011H09647 Regancrest AltaIOTA as the newest sire to attain the prestigious milestone of one million units produced. Having been in short supply his entire career, he will be only weeks away from a million units in sales.

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We remember Donald Dubois

This is a sad week with the passing of Donald Dubois on Sunday March 8th in Quebec. Alta and the whole industry lost a friend, a great colleague and above everything a man with pride, passion and great knowledge of our industry.

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AVS Conference 2015

The 9th AVS Conference allowed participants to learn and share many new ideas over the two-day conference. A wide range of speakers and workshops offered a suitable program for every need.

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Alta-Agricorp China partner herd wins DCRC Platinum Repro award

Each year, the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council (DCRC) awards herds around the world for reproductive excellence. Nominated herds are ranked based on critical reproductive parameters and awarded Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Honorable Mention honors.

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Don't miss out on AltaU 2015

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from academic leaders and industry experts on all areas of dairy herd management. The deadlines for February and March schools are approaching fast!

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