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News Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kelloe Mains: progress through updates and expansion

Country: Scotland
Number of milking cows: 720 milking cows
Parlour: 40-stall internal rotary parlour
Milk production: 10,000 litres (22,046 lbs.)
Current pregnancy rate: 24%
Number of acres: 2,500 acres for arable farming, including 400 grassland acres
Crops grown: potatoes, beans, wheat, barley, rapeseed
Number of employees: 9 full time plus 1 part-time
Kelloe Mains genetic plan: 45% Production | 45% Health | 10% Conformation

Situated in the Scottish Borders – an area in Southeast Scotland more typically associated with arable farming – The McDonald family’s dairy herd must compete with the farm’s arable enterprise to return a healthy profit.

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News Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Regancrest AltaIOTA achieves millionaire status

Alta Genetics is proud to announce 011H09647 Regancrest AltaIOTA as the newest sire to attain the prestigious milestone of one million units produced. Having been in short supply his entire career, he will be only weeks away from a million units in sales.

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Assessing appropriate iron levels in drinking water for cows

When given access to drinking water, lactating dairy cows can handle iron (Fe) concentrations of up to 4 parts per million (ppm) without decreasing the amount of water they consume, according to results of a recent study entitled, “Preference and drinking behavior of lactating dairy cows offered water with different concentrations, valences and sources of iron.”

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