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Tuesday, 06 December 2016
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Trait leaders join daughter-proven ranks

Within the new list of daughter-proven graduates you’ll find the #2 udder bull and #1 PL sire among all daughter-proven sires in the industry!

The newest additions to Alta’s daughter-proven line-up are also graduates of the FutureStar program. This means that many people reading this may have used these globally popular sires because of their elite genomic levels, paired with early daughter information proving low calving ease and high sire fertility.

Topping Alta’s December 2016 daughter-proven TPI list is 11HO11272 De-Su AltaGILCREST who increased since August by more than 150 pounds of PTA Milk to gain over 40 TPI points. His elite production figures, paired with positive DPR, extremely low calving ease, and functional type make him a profitable fit for many different herd environments.

The daughter-proven domination from the following group of former FutureStar sires solidifies our confidence in both genomic proofs and FutureStar ratings. 

11HO11327 Lookout Pesce Alta5G | AltaKOOL x Atwood | +3.35UDC  +2.78 PTAT | 2223 TPI

  • The new #2 daughter-proven udder bull at +3.35 UDC!
  • Fancy udders on tall, long, stylish cows with great dairyness and balance
  • Offers favorable daughter fertility and a low SCS at 2.60

Mapel Wood 5G Bamboozler
Mapel Wood Farm, Jerseyville, ON

Azevedo 5G 10585
Tiberio Azevedo Dairy, Hilmar, CA

11HO11389 No-Fla AltaGENUITY | Epic x Trigger | CP | +9.6 PL | 2402 TPI

  • #1 for daughter-proven Productive Life at 9.6 PL!
  • Outstanding daughter and sire fertility at 3.6 DPR combined with a ConceptPlus rating
  • Tremendous rear udders (+1.70 UDC) on cows with moderate-stature and deep bodies

Bomaz Genuity 6483
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

11HO11434 Har-Dale-Acres-JP AltaCR | Mogul x Trigger | CP | 511 | 2499 TPI

  • A breed leader for sire fertility, holding the coveted ConceptPlus designation
  • Easy calvings from long-lasting, trouble free cows at 7.1 SCE and 6.4 PL
  • A definite udder improver – youthful with strong attachments and over +2.00 UDC

Bomaz CR 6521
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

11HO11380 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaROBLE | Mogul x Observer | CP | 2464 TPI

  • Daughters match his type specialist profile at +2.50 PTAT and +2.62 UDC
  • Tall, long-bodied cows with dairy strength and wide, level rumps
  • Very fertile, trouble-free daughters at +3.0 DPR and 6.3 PL

Bomaz Roble 6540
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

11HO11350 Sully AltaMANDATO | Numero Uno x Planet | CP | 2440 TPI

  • From the same family as the popular AltaMERCI, AltaMETEOR and AltaJUPITER
  • Balanced proof with high daughter and sire fertility, low calving ease and great PL
  • Larger frames with excellent udder attachments and udder clefts +1.91 PTAT  +1.93 UDC

11HO11348 Bush-Bros AltaBGOOD | Robust x Massey | CP | 511 | 2410 TPI

  • 109 pounds combined fat and protein with excellent component percentages
  • Elite sire fertility, holding the ConceptPlus designation
  • Moderate-sized, balanced cows with youthful udders and sound feet & legs

11HO11337 Slo-Train AltaCAIN | Maui x Indiana | CP | 2392 TPI

  • Great component percentages and more than 100 pounds CFP
  • High clearance udders with extremely high rear udders
  • A unique, outcross pedigree

Bomaz Cain 6487
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

011HO11357 Bomaz AltaROBOTO | CP | 2369 TPI

  • A well-balanced proof including great components and percentages
  • Expect added pregnancies with his elite sire fertility, and tremendous 3.3 DPR
  • Functional type with moderate frame size, sound feet & legs and quality udders


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Chrissy Meyer
Chrissy Meyer
US Marketing Manager
United States

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