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The name "Alta" is more than just the name of the company; it is a statement of quality.
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Dairy Education


Increase your leadership and management knowledge, improve dairy diagnostic and decision making skills, and learn to identify unrealized profit potential on your dairy at the 5-day intensive AltaU.


Dairy Genetics


Genetics won't make an impact if you don’t first create a pregnancy.


Alta Advantage

Get the right genetics for your dairy when you partner with Alta to customize your genetic plan.



Fast Track Your Future with Alta511 Sexed Semen



Maximize genetic progress in the direction of your goals!



Alta G-Stars give you maximum opportunity to fast forward genetic progress on your dairy. The Alta G-Star status is granted only to Alta’s best genomic-proven sires. This elite distinction comes with the promise of maximum genetic potential to meet your breeding goals.



Alta FutureStars offer you the best of both worlds with genomic and daughter information. FutureStar sires are our top bulls with genomic proofs for all traits, and have the added value of real observations for high sire fertility, low sire calving ease and low sire stillbirths.



Producers who emphasize health traits such as Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Productive Life, Calving Ease, Stillbirth and Somatic Cell Score are appreciative of Alta's HealthPlus program. The health index Alta created focuses on management traits, thereby simplifying the genetic selection for longer lasting, trouble-free cows.



Alta Genetics recognizes that the way in which dairymen are paid for the milk they produce will determine the way in which they approach genetic selection options. CheeseMaker sires are designated so based on above average yield for component traits in order to match market trends and maximize revenues.



Alta CowWatch

Alta Genetics is excited to offer clients the ability to monitor heats and animal health 24/7 with Alta CowWatch.

More than just heat detection, Alta CowWatch provides peace of mind knowing that heats, health and the welfare of your herd are being monitored around the clock.



The AltaPreg program is redefining the role of AI suppliers in reproductive management. AltaPreg provides one-of-a-kind consulting services based on an exclusive business-to-business partnership with herd owners. The team troubleshoots in the areas of reproduction, milk quality, and nutrition. AltaPreg is a key part of Alta's value creation model around the world.


Value Builder

An investment in genetics has to be profitable for your farm. That is why Alta Genetics developed business programs to help you design a customized plan to maximize both genetic improvement and Return Over Investment. Through building a genetic plan and creating a specific and customized index for your dairy, the ValueBuilder program offers you an integrated solution to ensure your investment today is transformed into the best assets for the future.


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Products & Programs


CowAlert does so much more than just heat detection: it lets me check the cows' behaviour patterns to manage them better. I can check my cow activities wherever I am via the internet
Alan and Janet Davies Trenewydd Farm, Wales

CowAlert has taken us to the next level in fertility management. We have averaged over 10 pregnancies more per month since behaviour monitoring
Hugh Neilson Park Holsteins, Scotland