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Dairy Management Thursday, 01 January 2015

Don't miss out on AltaU 2015

Don't miss your opportunity to learn from academic leaders and industry experts on all areas of dairy herd management. The deadlines for February and March schools are approaching fast!

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Dairy Genetics Thursday, 18 December 2014

Alta offers high genetic sires for robotic milking systems

Is a robot your method for milking cows? If so, be sure to browse our highest ranking sires suited for robotic milking systems here.

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Inbreeding: Manage it to maximize profit

Inbreeding is certainly not a new concept, but has become a hot topic in recent years because of genomics. While mating an animal to her father or brother is certainly not desirable, we need to ask what the real goal is in terms of inbreeding. Should we aim for 0 percent inbreeding or, rather, manage it to maximize profit?

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