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Thursday, 08 December 2016
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Alta's Robot-suited sires

Looking for the right sires to make cows that work in your robotic milking system? Look no further. We have developed a program to deliver offspring that will thrive in these modern environments.

Of these 26 robot-suited sires, more than half have the coveted high fertility ConceptPlus rating and the group of both daughter-proven and genomic-proven sires averages 2461 TPI and 662 NM$! The robot-suited sires also have a variety of production, health and type levels to appeal to almost every unique genetic plan.

Alta's robot-suited sires put emphasis on the important traits for cows that live and work in the robotic milking facilities. These traits include:

Rear Teat Placement (RTP)
Teat Length (TL)
Udder Depth (UD)
Rear Leg Rear View (RLRV)

We select for rear teat placement to make sure there will be adequate distance between the rear teats to allow for easier identification and attachment. Teat length has also become much shorter, so identifying longer teat length sires also aids in the accuracy of location. Udder depth is emphasized to make sure there is enough clearance for the milking apparatus. We also take into account milking speed to ensure all cows have adequate time to be milked as needed.

To ensure you can utilize these sires as part of your genetic plan, we have only included the robotic friendly sires with plenty of inventory. To download a list of these sires that will work in your Robotic milking system, please click the image to the right, or download from the link below.

If you have any questions on the sires to fit your robotic milking system, contact: David Hill, Alta Advantage Consultant (

Download a list of Alta's best robot-suited sires HERE.

David Hill
David Hill
Alta Advantage Consultant
United States

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