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Monday, 28 November 2016
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December 2016 Daughter-proven preview

Proof Day is Tuesday, December 6th. Our Northeastern US Alta Advantage Consultant, David Hill, shares what he's been seeing in the field.

Since genomics became available in January 2010, I have been increasingly impressed at how accurate the genomic predictions are.

When you think that the genomic tool is used at a very early age, it is impressive that we know and can count on the final product, milking females. Each time I evaluate the new daughter proven graduates, I see what I expect.  If the bull was supposed to deliver production, you get it. When the expectation is tall, long…you see it.  When the expectation is wide, strong…you get it.

Genetics are about making cows better…faster. This proof round really shows this principal. I evaluated sires that were nearly 100 TPI points more than the last proof round!

11H11434 Har-Dale-Acres-JP AltaCR-ET | Mogul x Trigger x Pagewire x O Man

AltaCR is the highest ranked FutureStar sire to have new milking daughters. I have seen 27 AltaCR daughters, and their consistent pattern is fantastic.  They are usually white in coat color with a medium frame size and extremely tight udder attachments. The rear udders have uniform width and the teats are short. I like the immature frames that have good width in the barrel and through the rump and pins. AltaCR is ConceptPlus and 511.

Bomaz CR 6533
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI


Bomaz CR 6521 & 6533
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI


11H11379 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRABO-ET | Mogul x Observer x Shottle x Goldwyn

AltaRABO is starting to add milking daughters in Advantage Herds. I have seen the first eight early in lactation and am impressed so far. Square, tightly attched udders on medium-sized cows reflect his genomic predictions. AltaRABO is ConceptPlus with an excellent 5.4% calving ease. Look for AltaRABO to be a favorite as they calve in at your clients’ farms. AltaRABO is a full brother to highly ranked AltaROBLE.


11H11272 De-Su AltaGILCREST-ET | AltaGREATEST x Goldwyn x Oman

AltaGILCREST continues to add daughters in Advantage herds. High production (2404 Milk 66 Protein 63 Fat) from medium-sized cows really describes the 80+ AltaGILCREST daughters I have seen thus far. One of the first AltaGREATEST sons, AltaGILCREST daughters are wide chested and a bit shallow in both fore and rear rib. Wide rear udders with good udder cleft are typical. AltaGILCREST is A2A2 and a breed leader for calving ease at 4.1%. With over 200 daughters in his proof now, AltaGILCREST is a true Proven Star!

Clear Crest Gilcrest 2013 | Miller Clear Crest Farm, Lewiston, MN

First five milk tests between 103 lbs and 125 lbs!
Confirmed PG on first service



11H11348 Bush-Bros AltaBGOOD | Robust x Massey x Boliver

 I have seen 31 AltaBGOOD daughters to date. This Robust son starts off with shallow udders, superior rear udder attachments and snug fore udders. Milking at a high level is normal for AltaBGOOD daughters. I see good substance of bone and an ideal leg set from the side. The pins can be high, but daughters have good thurl position and width of pelvis.  AltaBGOOD is ConceptPlus and 511.

Jon-De BGood 6902 | Jon-De Farm, Baldwin, WI
Milking 103 lbs per day & PG on first service


Bomaz BGood 6495 | Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI
Milking 110 lbs per day


11H11380 Lone-Oak-Acres AltaROBLE-ET |Mogul x Observer x Shottle x Goldwyn

AltaROBLE has been known in his young career as a type improver. I have seen 12 AltaROBLE daughters in the Advantage herds and couldn’t agree more. These young cows are calving in tall and long-bodied. They have high clearance udders and will be classifier favorites. A ConceptPlus sire, AltaROBLE daughters have consistent uphill run, high chine with a smooth blending shoulder. More moderate for production, AltaROBLE will add many daughters in the new year. AltaROBLE is the full brother of highly ranked AltaRABO.

Bomaz Roble 6540 | Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI
Milking 107 lbs per day

11H11350 Sully AltaMANDATO | Numero Uno x Planet x Shottle x Oman

AltaMANDATO, member of the Shottle May’s that gave us AltaMETEOR and AltaJUPITER, graduates from Futurestar status. AltaMANDATO has a consistent pattern of deep rear rib and and really wide rear udders with a deep cleft.  I like that the AltaMANDATOs look like more milk than his proof currently indicates. The AltaMANDATO daughters are taller than average and have higher pins. This is a ConceptPlus and Calving Ease sire.


11H11405 Lookout Pesce AltaKADO | AltaAirnet x Man-O-Man x Shottle

The super fertile CP sire AltaKADO is graduating in December. I have seen 27 daughters of this AltaAIRNET son from the Art-Acres Kay family in Maryland. The AltaKADO daughters are medium to tall in stature and the best trait is the rear udder – uniform in width and a great udder cleft.  They are milking with very little effort because they have enough strength and substance. I look forward to good reports on AltaKADO from around the globe.

Scipio Springs Kado 5161
Scipio Springs Dairy, Scipio Springs, NY
Milking 88 lbs per day

Bomaz Kado 6522 - Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI
Milking 135 lbs per day



11H11337 Slo-Train AltaCAIN | Maui x Indiana x Levi

AltaCAIN is another FutureStar graduating to the daughter-proven lineup. I have seen 24 AltaCAIN daughters so far , and they are very consistent in the part that matters most…udders. I really like the medium-sized frames and great balance. They have great dairyness, yet still with a wide chest. Super rear udder attachments also make him a favorite.  

Bomaz Cain 6487
Bomaz Farms, Hammond, WI

Bergen Cain 13458 | Bergen Farms, Odessa, NY
Milking 118 lbs per day


David Hill
David Hill
Alta Advantage Consultant
United States

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