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Monday, 10 December 2012
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Jersey Genetic Gifts - Great Udders and Production

Alta has the gift that keeps on giving! Not only are we making the conscious decision to bring you top rated sires for fertility; we also are delivering those in packages of industry leading genetics for JPI™, JUI™ and production. You asked for it and we are delivering it!

11JE10000 ACADEMY group

Alta leads the genomic charts with the two highest sires for JUI™ (Ladd & Valson) and the two highest for milk (Colin and Marcin).  The JerseyDRIVEN program is a great opportunity to build your genetic plan and have priority access to these elite genetics.  Dairymen are already realizing these early results as we continue to graduate genomically-marketed sires such as Academy, Sparky and Vinson into daughter proven status. 

The Alta daughter-proven lineup is highlighted with four of the top five JUI™ sires that are also positive for milk pounds.  These daughters have proven that they can perform in a variety of unbiased herd environments and do so while making it look easy.  Celebrity continues to deliver his signature stamp as second crop daughters fill the pens and turn heads. 

Genomic Packages

JerseyDRIVEN: Clients enrolled on JerseyDRIVEN reap the benefits of exclusive access to the newest elite genetics a full sire summary ahead of other herds.   These early adopters are accelerating genetic progress through a tailored genetic plan.  Be sure to ask your Alta representative how you too can be an early user of these soon-to-be household names.  The group is headlined by early sires of sons Perform and Valson.  

G-Star: The G-Star list totals 5 with 3 being new additions.  The group is very strong across the board.   No matter what your breeding goals are, this list has something to meet them.  The group is headlined by Critic-P, the polled sire who is truly the complete package at +221 JPI™, +1,229 M, +5.34 JUI™, +590 CM$ and +4.2 PL.  

FutureStar: The FutureStar lineup features superior genomic sires that are also proven to excel for fertility.  Real data from Alta partner dairies confirms their ability to get cows pregnant in unbiased herd environments.  This group features 7 bulls, all by different sires.  

The December 2012 sire summary offers a lot to our partner dairies.  Industry-leading genetics, a knowledgeable repro team, unparalleled programs and Alta delivering on their promise to Create Value, Build Trust and Deliver Results! Happy Holidays!

A PDF of this article is available for download at the following link: Jersey Genetic Gifts: Great Udders and Production

Tara Bohnert
Tara Bohnert
Jersey Marketing Manager
United States

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