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Alta Genetics USA
Alta Genetics USA Phone: 1-866-266-ALTA
Kevin  Muxlow
Kevin Muxlow Phone: +1 403 226 42 37
Fax: +1 403 226 42 74

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We are dedicated to Create Value...Build Trust...Deliver Results - that's Alta's mission and promise to producers around the world.
Cees Hartmans CEO
Cees  Hartmans

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At Alta we know our people are our biggest asset. Together, we passionately pursue our mission to create value, build trust and deliver results for progressive farmers around the world.

We embrace a culture of openness, transparency and integrity. We encourage each other to voice opinions and share ideas.

We receive extensive training from world-class academic leaders in the areas of genetic and reproductive consulting, dairy management and diagnostics, sales, products and programs.

We are rewarded with growth opportunities to best use our skills and talents, and enjoy a supportive working environment with competitive benefits and a fun, team atmosphere.