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Monday, 31 October 2016

A genetic approach to improved fertility

We’ve all heard the statement, “genetics don’t matter without first creating a pregnancy.”

This insightful truth has shifted our global breeding strategy to a stronger focus on fertility. When improved fertility is one of your ultimate goals, you can use genetics to help get you there – both now and into the future.

Genetics Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The high value of low heritability

The brutal fact is that heritability is often misunderstood.

The traits most commonly referred to as low heritability are the health traits – Productive Life (PL), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), and Somatic Cell Score (SCS). The most common misconception is that although the predicted transmitting ability (PTA) for PL or DPR is high for particular bulls, the heritability is so low that progress will be minimal in a single generation and slow over time.

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Genomics Tuesday, 06 September 2016

A Q&A on DWP$ and WT$

The Dairy Wellness Profit $ and Wellness Trait $ indexes may have you wondering whether you should adjust your genetic plan to include this new information. Here we have answers to 14 questions to help you decide what's best for your dairy to make the maximum genetic progress in the direction of your goals!

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